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    Xmantube.com answers your questions

    Here, at xmantube.com, we try to satisfy our fans in all possible way. That’s why we have a feedback form and yes, we do read your messages and try to answer as soon as possible. Recently, we realized that most questions are somehow touching several important issues, which may trouble most people watching online porn. Some of these questions are funny and based on urban legends, like “Will I get hairy hands?”. It’s easy to answer such questions, either by simply writing “No”, or writing back some joke, but many questions are way more serious. The reason people ask them is the anti-porn frenzy, which flooded mass media during the last years.

    If you like watching free online porn at xmantube.com, but still doubt if watching porn videos is healthy, read the following answers and make your decision. However, you must keep in mind that it’s always up to you and you shouldn’t blame this website, porn studios, models and this imperfect world for your own decisions and their consequences.

    Q. Does porn impact your understanding of healthy relationships and sex?

    A. Yes. In a proper way. You learn that sexual satisfaction is an important part of relationships and you learn how to achieve it in so many pleasant and thrilling ways. And by the way, TV, movies, magazines, your neighbors and colleagues affect your opinion even more, but you don’t stop watching TV or quit your job, do you?

    Q. Can I get addicted?

    A. Do you get addicted to playing football, reading books, swimming and watching sunsets? Enjoying beautiful and pleasant things is not an addiction, but an educated choice, your lucky opportunity to choose what really turns you on.

    Q. How do porn videos affect the way I treat my appearance?

    Many people think that watching porn can affect your confidence and self-esteem, because porn actors are usually muscled youth, capable of long sexual intercourses. Well, first of all, if you feel that you look worse – it’s a great reason to go to the gym, begin jogging or taking other steps to get a better body. Secondly, you must understand that porn videos are just like cinema or TV – they’re entertainment. Do you feel worse after watching blockbusters, depicting gorgeous men and women, whose appearance is a result of numerous surgeries and exhausting workouts? Of course not!

    Q. Women hate porn, right?

    A. No, they don’t. However, because most free porn videos available at xmantube.com are geared towards men, women may not like it, because women-targeted porn looks a bit different, focusing on male bodies and body parts instead.

    As you can see, there are no reasons to worry and you can keep enjoying your favorite porn movies.


    Опубликовано: 14.12.2015
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